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Hi everyone!! I am so excited that you decided to learn more about me! Let me tell you a little bit more about myself! First my name is Angelique LeClair. I have owned and operated my personal website since 1998! I am a real sexy amateur girl, not a hired model! I am French Canadian so I have a hot little French accent that is sure to turn you on! I love talking dirty in my first language but also in English of course! I come across as a sexy babe but don�t let it fool you! I am quite hard core too! I love my cock and pussy you know? I am totally bisexual but I have a preference for a nice hard cock and tight balls! Ok I got to stop thinking about that now as just thinking about it gets me horny as hell! Bet you are getting a little excited too huh? *wink* I love to tease!�

Name: Angelique LeClair, Angelique
Born: Quebec, Canada (So I�m French Canadian = Very Horny)
Live: Kentucky, USA
Marital Status: I am engaged to Celt and we love to have sex on camera!
Height: 5�4?
Measurements: 36B (100% Real) � 27 � 37
Age: Legal, that�s what�s important right?
Languages: English, French and some Dutch
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual and Occasional Swinger
Sports: Swim, Bike, Run (Triathlons), Lifting Weights and Sex, that�s a sport too right?
Favorite Sexual Act: Blow Jobs, hands down!!! I loooove it!

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