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hotwifetara-30-12-2017-5922659-Cuckold's view @u204806096.mp4
hotwifetara-30-09-2018-14060170-Tara ready for date to come over..mp4
hotwifetara-30-12-2021-2315426013-Panties of the day..mp4
hotwifetara-30-12-2022-2730008241-You see me in Lowes, what do you do Tip em to see em in your inbox..mp4
hotwifetara-31-08-2018-12949897-Requested video for a Patron. Do you like nipple clamps Let me know..mp4
hotwifetara-30-01-2023-2274896018-I love it when guys send me things to wear out. Doing a little spin before going to a swin.mp4
hotwifetara-31-10-2019-79118216-Out scouting locations for shoots..mp4
hotwifetara-29-04-2019-30010214-Did a live shot laying out video today. My first try at this. WIll do more live shots duri.mp4
hotwifetara-29-04-2020-265362627-Unedited. Fucked by a guy I met in New Orleans. Hubby gets to watch this one..mp4
hotwifetara-17-04-2023-2825636990-Come here and eat me..mp4
hotwifetara-30-11-2019-95848366-Glad to see holiday over..mp4
hotwifetara-14-08-2017-2992566-This video is me telling my cuck about a BBC at a bar, then went to his work site and I fu.mp4
hotwifetara-31-08-2017-3285642-Rewarding my personal cuck. @u204806096.mp4
hotwifetara-13-02-2021-2030904473-little something a fan sent. I do love gifts, even these little cheap tops. still fun go r.mp4
hotwifetara-28-10-2017-4542098-Just got fucked by two black firefighters. This is where I got back and tell my hubby what.mp4
hotwifetara-22-04-2019-29253572-Dripping cum.mp4
hotwifetara-19-09-2020-921915163-Requested picture..mp4
hotwifetara-27-05-2019-34334135-little taste of what happens at Splash Mocha Hotwife Convention..gif
hotwifetara-14-09-2017-3574176-Cuckold clean up. Clean me cuck. with @u204806096.mp4
hotwifetara-14-04-2023-2509720939-Do you want to help me.mp4
hotwifetara-20-01-2020-130669057-So are you coming with me or not.mp4
hotwifetara-27-01-2023-2152255017-Got to take care of my man. Would you like this POV @diverbelo.mp4
hotwifetara-24-07-2021-2172088703-Live tonight from the Treehouse in Tampa. Just fucked my first BBC of the night. About to .mp4
hotwifetara-19-03-2020-184217029-Good night blowjob..mp4
hotwifetara-24-05-2019-33776561-At the Hotwife Convention in Ft Lauderdale. This guy had a great cock. I can't wait to go .mp4
hotwifetara-16-10-2019-72010819-Telling my hubby what i really need..mp4
hotwifetara-26-09-2022-2617009742-Fun at the MonkeyBar in Florida.mp4
hotwifetara-23-03-2022-2017675100-After Splash, @dfwgoliath stopped by my house for an overnight visit..mp4
hotwifetara-15-08-2021-2194233163-Just taken a minute ago. Relaxing on a Sunday thinking obout my onlyfans..mp4
hotwifetara-19-09-2019-61921395-I did a whole series of live snaps tonight while cooking. Make sure you get on my premium .mp4
hotwifetara-13-12-2019-104162920-I actually like to do my dates alone without my hubby there. The down side to this is that.mp4
hotwifetara-29-03-2020-200502163-Bull wanted to record something for my hubby..mp4
hotwifetara-15-07-2020-539002287-I go shopping with my friend Michelle and she wants to stop buy a guys apartment for a min.mp4
hotwifetara-13-08-2022-2552343949-Come up close and slide it in..mp4
hotwifetara-20-09-2021-2197127386-OK, many of my followers have a useless tiny penis, and they know it. If this is you, you .mp4
hotwifetara-20-07-2020-559828761-Another text from a BBC party. And how hubby was when he got the text..mp4
hotwifetara-27-09-2017-3836297-Hey guys, did a little wet Wednesday by the pool today. Please send me your ideas for vide.mp4
hotwifetara-25-04-2021-2018148585-Good morning guys..mp4
hotwifetara-16-07-2021-2164482995-Shower time. Sit back, take it out and stroke it for me. If you want to send a pic or vide.mp4
hotwifetara-18-11-2019-88655362-Man it's hot in the desert. need to cool off..mp4
hotwifetara-11-10-2022-2636352491-Answering a question..mp4
hotwifetara-19-10-2019-73646940-Quick flash at the Mexican Restaurant. Thanks to one of my onlyfans for tipping me to buy .mp4
hotwifetara-22-03-2023-2803548571-Trying out a new setup..mp4
hotwifetara-14-06-2022-2487814870-Guess what did over the weekend.mp4
hotwifetara-23-02-2022-2372800198-Come wash my back for me will you.mp4
hotwifetara-18-03-2020-184032053-I made this video for someone who was kind enough to cover my drinks for the evening. I te.mp4
hotwifetara-19-07-2018-11519277-Ali Date Found this video of me coming back from a date and telling my cuckold all about.mp4
hotwifetara-14-07-2021-2162599833-Tictok version.mp4
hotwifetara-17-02-2022-2366358951-Cum take it..mp4
hotwifetara-16-03-2019-25186715-I LOVE TO CHEAT ON MY HUSBAND..mp4
hotwifetara-18-04-2023-2825641421-Telling my cuck how much I love to fuck other guys..mp4
hotwifetara-27-08-2020-783711801-One of my first adult theater visits. I am questioned about what's going to happen by hubb.mp4
hotwifetara-20-09-2017-3689471-Ever wonder what my personal cuck is like Here he is caged and plugged. @u204806096.mp4
hotwifetara-30-03-2020-202112858-Come over here and taste..mp4
hotwifetara-23-07-2022-2531974188-Fun message I sent to a fan after he sent a nice tip asking about my night..mp4
hotwifetara-12-02-2019-22166469-I love knowing people are looking at me when I wear a mini skirt and no panties. Love that.mp4
hotwifetara-24-05-2022-2461452067-Would you like to join me.mp4
hotwifetara-18-10-2020-1099168898-getting back from a party at a convention. Telling my hubby about it..mp4
hotwifetara-24-12-2019-111051669-Getting ready for a date with a new guy..mp4
hotwifetara-26-09-2019-64647828-A fan wanted to see me in nipple clamps..mp4
hotwifetara-29-12-2020-1539245257-Made this video to tease one of my cucks. I talk about going to a party and getting fucked.mp4
hotwifetara-13-04-2019-28208917-Telling my cuck about a construction worker I just fucked..mp4
hotwifetara-13-03-2019-24924871-Wet Tee Shirt Wednesday.mp4
hotwifetara-22-07-2022-2531964688-Ready for the weekend.mp4
hotwifetara-25-11-2019-92403745-My first Hotwife experience. Broke my hot wife virginity this night..mp4
hotwifetara-26-10-2022-2655429390-I want you to lather me up..mp4
hotwifetara-31-03-2022-2410658938-Take me to a club and send me to the parking lot with your buddy. @diverbelo.mp4
hotwifetara-24-09-2018-13819038-Fantasyland teaser video. Full video coming shortly..mp4
hotwifetara-17-01-2022-2332512147-Do you dream this is you lover Tip generous so I will video or audio respond. @diverbelo2.mp4
hotwifetara-25-09-2020-962601040-Got this new top from Venus com. I wore it to the grocery store yesterday. it is so low cu.mp4
hotwifetara-30-01-2021-2020541144-Just heading to the store..mp4
hotwifetara-28-02-2020-162831084-What's more fun than making your cuckold hubby eat a fresh cream pie after you get back fr.mp4
hotwifetara-22-09-2022-2611526681-Just a little naughty time in the elevator. What would you do if you caught me.mp4
hotwifetara-25-08-2019-54649711-Bull taking me while hubby has to just film..mp4
hotwifetara-26-09-2017-3810691-Message sent to my cuck while I am on a date..mp4
hotwifetara-29-09-2022-2620053506-Just chilling.mp4
hotwifetara-23-02-2020-158370986-Got a little plastered last night and set my tits on fire..mp4
hotwifetara-24-09-2019-63780840-Tittie Tuesday.mp4
hotwifetara-27-09-2018-13907953-Tara at Fantasyland.mp4
hotwifetara-26-02-2021-2041961258-I sit my hubby down to tell him about her day cheating on him and how I plan on doing it a.mp4
hotwifetara-27-04-2021-2094474939-Come on in..mp4
hotwifetara-23-03-2023-2133768475-ready for face sitting.mp4
hotwifetara-30-01-2022-2347142129-After I get back from a party that my husband did not go to, I tell him about what I did a.mp4
hotwifetara-27-02-2019-23551753-From last weekend. Good to have warm weather in Florida..mp4
hotwifetara-28-02-2020-162824211-My real hubby is a caged cuck. This is how he has to wait while I am out on dates..mp4
hotwifetara-30-03-2023-2803691453-Good night luv..mp4
hotwifetara-29-05-2021-2121853731-Message for hubby while I am away at a convention..mp4
hotwifetara-23-06-2019-39043245-Would you like me to pump you.mp4
hotwifetara-23-09-2017-3760527-Saturday night before i go out..mp4
hotwifetara-25-02-2018-7318336-Hope you guys enjoy me talking to my guy about what I was wanting to do that night in Atla.mp4
hotwifetara-22-01-2020-132234052-Requested shot. Here you go..mp4
hotwifetara-30-08-2019-56008722-Strolling thru the Hard Rock Casino. Anyone feeling lucky..mp4
hotwifetara-27-05-2021-2120497514-Is this what you want baby.mp4
hotwifetara-23-06-2018-10646288-Going for a drink..mp4
hotwifetara-29-06-2021-2148597714-Some like to see it close up. What are you going to do with it.mp4
hotwifetara-22-05-2020-346618686-Someonw just bought my panties.mp4
hotwifetara-29-01-2023-2366286263-If you see me out doing a shoot, I want you to say hello. You never know when I may need a.mp4
hotwifetara-27-02-2020-161828487-I will he headed back to Fantasyland soon..mp4
hotwifetara-27-09-2019-64710272-I know you have a high heel boot fetish. don't you Kneel and lick..mp4
hotwifetara-23-01-2020-133046693-Nothing like being on my knees sucking a huge black cock..mp4
hotwifetara-22-10-2018-15028479-Full video of BBC Bull fucking me at his apartment when I am supposed to be out shopping. .mp4
hotwifetara-29-04-2021-2095942597-Some back room fun..mp4
hotwifetara-30-09-2019-65888388-Preview of my pasties I am wearing this weekend at the biker rally..mp4
hotwifetara-30-09-2018-14060310-Tara leaving hubby to go to the bar to find another guy..mp4
hotwifetara-28-11-2019-94185854-Sometimes Hubby doesn't find out what I do..mp4
hotwifetara-21-04-2021-2089699025-I tell my hubby about my plans for splash mocha..mp4
hotwifetara-25-01-2020-133050089-Hubby at work, so my Bull comes over to fuck this married whit slut from behind with that .mp4
hotwifetara-21-04-2023-2143703099-Foot Fetish Friday.mp4
hotwifetara-27-02-2021-2042941630-Teasing hubby before I head to the bar to hunt for new cock..mp4
hotwifetara-27-02-2020-161831400-Fantasyland fun.mp4
hotwifetara-27-07-2022-2537792380-I want you right here..mp4
hotwifetara-30-03-2020-202116467-Better quality.mp4
hotwifetara-25-01-2020-133054342-Found this one you may like. This is the raw video of when got back from my double date wi.mp4
hotwifetara-21-12-2019-109278687-By special request. someone wanted to see my Fantasyland video..mp4
hotwifetara-24-10-2019-75623290-Headed to a party. Got some looks in this slutty outfit from the people at the pool..mp4
hotwifetara-27-12-2017-5847359-I invite a BBC Bull over to fuck me in my bed. I tell hubby what's going to happen, then h.mp4
hotwifetara-26-09-2019-64666789-Request for spread legs..mp4
hotwifetara-28-05-2020-367846828-I love insurance conventions. I go without my hubby and well, let's just say things happen.mp4
hotwifetara-21-12-2022-2722083819-Would you like to join me.mp4
hotwifetara-19-08-2021-2197407983-Having a talk with my cuck about me going to a party without him..mp4
hotwifetara-21-12-2019-108795118-Gas station dare..mp4
hotwifetara-27-02-2023-2786010691-Wow. What a great fuck. Too bad cuck hubby didn't get to watch. He had to wait in the car .mp4
hotwifetara-24-08-2019-54280977-For my cuck Allen..mp4
hotwifetara-28-10-2019-77740654-One of the worst videos I have made, but the audio is very raw. Like I say, my stuff is re.mp4
hotwifetara-24-07-2020-584549390-Telling Hubby what happened. Part 1 I go to a party in another hotel without hubby. Hubby .mp4
hotwifetara-27-01-2020-133067466-You ready to step up.mp4
hotwifetara-24-03-2023-2803556231-I am always asked if I wear panties under my mini skirts. SO now you know..mp4
hotwifetara-28-04-2020-265352519-White guy I met in New Orleans gets to fuck a cheating wife..mp4
hotwifetara-21-04-2021-2089531095-Going to get fucked by a stranger. Your slut is ready. No panties . Everyone in the lobby .mp4
hotwifetara-25-06-2019-39369757-After a photo shoot, I have to take care of myself. so wet..mp4
hotwifetara-25-07-2020-584564705-Returning from Party (part 2).mp4
hotwifetara-20-05-2019-33111925-Found this from a few months ago. It was a message I left explaining why I was running lat.mp4
hotwifetara-20-02-2020-156187491-Defiantly not something to wear to church or work. But you know, sometimes it is just fun .mp4
hotwifetara-23-04-2021-2091303017-At a BBC party, just checking in with my hubby to let him know what was going on. He staye.mp4
hotwifetara-23-06-2018-10664033-Message from Tara.mp4
hotwifetara-28-12-2017-5867549-In Nashville at a hotel. I decide to head to the hotel bar to find some BBC. Hubby was not.mp4
hotwifetara-22-04-2019-29251800-One for the books. Very first guy I fucked when I became a hotwife..mp4
hotwifetara-23-03-2019-25889767-Sometimes when you just get fucked without really planning it, the lighting is not so good.mp4
hotwifetara-29-08-2019-55696961-Sitting in my hubby's lap taking BBC from behind..mp4
hotwifetara-27-02-2020-161827804-Glory Hole fun.mp4
hotwifetara-22-02-2022-2371691083-You want to watch me get ready for a date.mp4
hotwifetara-29-04-2019-30012333-Biker outfit from this Saturday.gif
hotwifetara-26-01-2020-133055575-Love sucking huge cocks..mp4
hotwifetara-27-02-2022-7701708-Getting ready to go out..mp4
hotwifetara-28-06-2019-40104920-Flashing Friday.mp4
hotwifetara-27-02-2021-2042939223-Tonight I am posting as it happens. Sat June 27..mp4
hotwifetara-18-12-2019-107308825-Someone asked to see this one again. Terrible camera work. Basically I just sat the camera.mp4
hotwifetara-21-09-2019-62856662-I am a slut. It's who I am..mp4
hotwifetara-23-02-2023-2340958961-Do you wish i were your hot slutty wife What would you want me to tell you if you came ho.mp4
hotwifetara-18-12-2018-18107706-Meet and Greet this Saturday, Dec 22st. in Tampa area. Message me to get the place and tim.gif
hotwifetara-29-02-2020-164382145-Bloopers LOL.mp4
hotwifetara-24-01-2022-2340591661-Thinking about you.mp4
hotwifetara-27-06-2018-10759085-Still riding accrss country but remembered it was Titty Tuesday. So had to pull over to sh.mp4
hotwifetara-25-01-2022-2340958961-From now on, it's gonna be short short skirts. and no panties..mp4
hotwifetara-19-05-2022-2460662828-What would you do.mp4
hotwifetara-26-08-2019-55657429-Getting BBC pounded at my pool. Hubby got a close up view. How do you like this view.mp4
hotwifetara-24-01-2020-133754403-The girls saying hello..mp4
hotwifetara-24-09-2019-63740966-View my cuck gets at a party..mp4
hotwifetara-18-04-2020-231951317-Hello from Fantasyland.mp4
hotwifetara-26-08-2020-772114379-Love these heels..mp4
hotwifetara-28-04-2020-265357303-Let hubby film one. Usually he is not there..mp4
hotwifetara-22-04-2019-29214904-Showertime with Tara. I know it's not a professional video. I am learning about camera ang.mp4
hotwifetara-26-10-2021-2256811823-Turn up the volume. Are you ready to go fuck.mp4
hotwifetara-19-11-2017-5016049-having fun at the BBC party tonight. i just called one special dan live from the party whi.mp4
hotwifetara-23-06-2019-39043065-Gave my panties to a homeless guy who was watching me put on a show..mp4
hotwifetara-19-10-2019-73389822-Oh my god, these black men are pis ing on me.mp4
hotwifetara-29-01-2020-133079401-Three margaritas and I will suck your cock. I like my cocks thick..mp4
hotwifetara-23-06-2019-39043760-A slut at the gas station. If you like, love the post. And a tip is appreciated..mp4
hotwifetara-20-09-2020-926806025-I love to tell Hubby about me fucking other men..mp4
hotwifetara-20-01-2020-130655567-Best of Tara 2019.mp4
hotwifetara-23-09-2019-63464229-When I lived in Nashville and Hubby and I first got together, I used to cheat on him all t.mp4
hotwifetara-28-09-2022-2226014132-Message I sent to my hubby after a date..mp4
hotwifetara-24-07-2019-46235254-Found this from when I was single and was just starting to explore being a Hotwife. This w.mp4
hotwifetara-23-06-2021-2143703099-Just headed down the road thinking about how good new cocks feel. I love the feeling of a .mp4
hotwifetara-25-01-2020-133992995-Fantasyland Fun in Tampa.mp4
hotwifetara-27-08-2018-12824307-Just did this video today. One of my fans sent me a new pair of shoes and asked if I would.mp4
hotwifetara-28-04-2020-265469464-Short clip, making the slut wife cum..mp4
hotwifetara-22-07-2018-11606396-Hey guys, had a blast Friday night in Cocoa FL at Club 3X. Was glad to see a couple of my .mp4
hotwifetara-27-05-2018-9862081-Tonight, I did a custom video for one of my onlyfans. here is a snip from it..mp4
hotwifetara-18-09-2017-3656333-My Bull calls me and tells me to come to his hotel, and be naked under my coat. Freezing c.mp4
hotwifetara-24-07-2022-2532706577-Ran into a fan at Fantasyland. He had been wanting to blow a load on my tits for quite awh.mp4
hotwifetara-18-08-2018-12525148-going to the party.mp4
hotwifetara-24-09-2019-63739021-This was in Nashville at a Nasty in Nashville party. Now that I am in Florida, the parti.mp4
hotwifetara-19-09-2018-13633075-Had a nice thick cock this afternoon. LOL I guess hubby will find out if he checks his onl.mp4
hotwifetara-23-06-2019-39041101-Fun in Ocala Florida. Body Shots Gentlemen's club..mp4
hotwifetara-18-10-2019-73231572-Hubby sent me to Atlanta to be used like a slut for the weekend..mp4
hotwifetara-21-12-2019-108796058-Bull's fucking me deep..mp4
hotwifetara-12-09-2018-13360051-Tommy B. requested a shower scene. Here you go Tommy. Hope you enjoy.mp4
hotwifetara-20-09-2019-62482761-Nice and Thick . Like I like it..mp4
hotwifetara-15-06-2021-2136428119-Name the most exciting and naughty place you would like to fuck me.mp4
hotwifetara-15-04-2020-234691545-Seriously getting fucked at this party. Makeup all wiped off by cocks. Hair sweaty. They a.mp4
hotwifetara-17-02-2018-7107317-Tonight at Secrets. @u56811949.mp4
hotwifetara-15-09-2021-2221815518-I need you to scrub my back..mp4
hotwifetara-18-08-2021-2196950039-My first Hotwife fuck. Short tease..mp4
hotwifetara-15-08-2021-2194336788-Just did this video today. Hubby is working on a new training horse for me. This is my fir.mp4
hotwifetara-21-10-2019-74479569-Ever been to Fantasyland in Tampa make sure and CUM see me..mp4
hotwifetara-13-11-2021-2273219532-At work..mp4
hotwifetara-21-03-2023-2172088703-Want to cum to a party with me.mp4
hotwifetara-19-05-2020-338672284-By request. Blowjob.mp4
hotwifetara-16-10-2020-1083772457-Taking a break from a BBC party.. Letting hubby know my pussy is sore from the big cocks I.mp4
hotwifetara-21-11-2017-5059441-Little bit from Saturday night. I am sorry but they did not allow cameras at the party. I .mp4
hotwifetara-12-05-2019-31954463-Getting my panties ripped off..gif
hotwifetara-10-09-2019-59312102-Long Rod.mp4
hotwifetara-12-04-2023-2825630228-Want to jiggle them.mp4
hotwifetara-14-08-2022-2560323187-Dildo in place and clit sucking vibe doing it's thing. Keeping my cool at the bar while I .mp4
hotwifetara-12-09-2020-866311004-Went to a No Hubbys Allowed party and won a trip to a BBC 3 Day Party. Sending hubby a q.mp4
hotwifetara-19-10-2017-4323567-Hope you enjoy this guys. This was with my guy. Telling him how much I want BBC and plan t.mp4
hotwifetara-13-02-2023-2770139104-enjoy the view..mp4
hotwifetara-16-05-2022-7701708-Ease it in baby..mp4
hotwifetara-16-12-2019-106102277-Being silly. Hubby always teases me about over packing on a two day motorcycle trip. But a.mp4
hotwifetara-20-09-2020-926729111-When I run into a Fan, it can be really fun.mp4
hotwifetara-18-08-2021-2197127386-Waiting for you..mp4
hotwifetara-19-12-2022-2720433277-Ok, I think I can post this. I went to see a new bull and I like to send my hubby updates,.mp4
hotwifetara-20-07-2020-559800783-Text I sent to Hubby after I had been fucked..mp4
hotwifetara-16-07-2019-44293618-Little of todays Live Cam. I hope you got to see it..mp4
hotwifetara-12-01-2019-19742175-OnlyFans. I will be at Fantasyland II tonight. If you are going to be there message me so .gif
hotwifetara-13-06-2019-37228371-Fun at the Glory Hole. Who's next.mp4
hotwifetara-19-09-2020-920380364-Nice hot bath. Wish you were here to help bath me..mp4
hotwifetara-14-09-2020-866355221-Reminding Hubby that I am going to get fucked good. Not by him..mp4
hotwifetara-19-08-2019-52866320-Short clip telling hubby about the fucking I just got..mp4
hotwifetara-17-03-2023-2133767284-You ready for me to sit on your face.mp4
hotwifetara-11-01-2020-123443553-Want to come slide it in.mp4
hotwifetara-11-07-2020-524163854-At the convention. Sent this text to my hubby. He had no idea where I was..mp4
hotwifetara-18-09-2022-2605072912-I put this on my you tube channel.mp4
hotwifetara-13-05-2018-9503854-Headed to the club parking lot for some fun. @u56811949.mp4
hotwifetara-11-10-2019-70269842-What's your request.mp4
hotwifetara-18-03-2023-2803531692-Take me out to dinner..mp4
hotwifetara-11-10-2019-70378704-So are you going to feed my your thick cock or not.mp4
hotwifetara-11-08-2019-50601708-Something a fan put together for me. I thought I would share it..mp4
hotwifetara-13-07-2021-2161630016-Mall walking.mp4
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