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It happens every day: people walking down the street pass by attractive people and fantasize about having sex with strangers. People they�ve never seen before, and probably will never see again. On the subway. In the grocery store. At the gym. Anywhere and everywhere. Well, those thoughts becomes realities at Perfect Fucking Strangers. Prepare yourself for something you�ve always wanted but have never seen realized: HD porn in which random encounters between unacquainted adults reach their maximum potential with the desired outcome of raw and impulsive, anonymous sex. A quiet, solitary cup of coffee at a cafe turns piping hot between a customer and her waiter; a chance catch of the eye between two motorists morphs into a hard, quick fuck in a parking garage stairway; a horny sunbather studying her unknown neighbor in their apartment complex pool lures him to her place to meet him and his dick, and then move on with her afternoon. Stranger sex � spontaneous, risqu�, no strings attached. All captured here to create the exact fantasy porn � call it stranger porn � people dream up in their minds every day as they walk down the street, ride the subway, look people in the eye and hope for the best.

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