SITERIP – SITERIP. As you see from the name all of us are students and we are sex buddies as well. It all started a year ago or so I had a party in my place, you know these parties lotsa beer, hot chicks in skimpy skirts and tiny tops 😉 I was playing with my then new cam while everyone was dancing, kissing, etc. Suddenly I said: Hey guys, what if you fuck and I film? Probably they were all drunk and crazy but they agreed! That was the first orgy I filmed And then I had another brilliant idea. We were always short of money so what if we make a site and place our videos there! Thats how our first site StudentSexParties was launched. Now we are doing this all the time (say full-time ;)) You are gonna love my dirty friends who dont know the word shame and eagerly have hardcore sex everywhere, either its inside or outdoors! Join our site to check what we have there and feel free to contact us if you have some kinky idea. Well make it true for you!
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