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onlyfans 02-07-2021 162654088 Prepare to laugh out loud with Taiwanese comedian and writer @teresalee П÷╓ёП÷▌╓П÷┤╧П÷┤╪ Teresa is sharing a whole host of hilarious .mp4
onlyfans 16-09-2021 197901629 It all started with a tweet П÷▓╛ We spoke to @teresalee about her experience since joining our platform П÷≥▀Б─█Б≥─О╦▐ Comedian Teresa.mp4
teresalee 01-08-2021 176175380 Here’s a lil clip of me back at standup comedy in Los Angeles recently..mp4
teresalee 01-09-2021 190318527 what it’s like to date me. #tiktok #jokes #highlights.mp4
teresalee 02-06-2021 152867948 FREE POST EMOTIONAL GLORY HOLE ORIGINALLY POSTED 1.2.21 save me a video poem [onlyfans exclusive].mp4
teresalee 02-07-2021 139915551235 hi, thank you for being my ONLY fan. this page is ONLY for fans. you are probably here because you already like my comedy, bu.mp4
teresalee 03-09-2021 192388034 Okay here’s the thing. I’m crowdfunding for a short film I’m directing, and many of you confidants have already supported it, which.mp4
teresalee 09-06-2021 155605721 WELCOME NEW CONFIDANTS This is Teresa Lee’s only fans, only for the fans. Here you will find a curated collection of my comedy, sta.mp4
teresalee 10-04-2021 132488647 FROM THE VAULT The Spongebob album SLAPS. I’m sorry, this isn’t the only bop on the album, check out Swae Lee’s Krabby Step. I had .mp4
teresalee 10-07-2021 167921651 my hair is bored.mp4
teresalee 11-01-2021 93507093 CUSTOM CONFIDANT CONTENT This was a custom poem request. If you have a custom poem request feel free to DM me. Three poems about Tac.mp4
teresalee 12-04-2021 4768267 .mp4
teresalee 13-05-2021 145666864 Hi Confidants ALL NEW MAY TAROT READING IS HERE disclaimer i am not psychic but I do have fun trying to be. If you would like a pri.mp4
teresalee 13-07-2021 168049994 half of me burns like a lil baby in the sun, the other half can roast on the beach all day #joke #vitilego.mp4
teresalee 13-10-2021 210548961 Had to use this sound. Thank you for all that helped spread the word We’re fully funded.mp4
teresalee 15-03-2021 123086399 NEW VIDEO Your Spring 2021 Tarot Reading… From a dumb lil bitch who knows nothing about tarot… proceed with caution. x.mp4
teresalee 15-04-2021 135324512 New Feature Video I watched (some) of Zack Snyder’s Justice League (don’t even ask, yes I was legally high) and well, I feel like I.mp4
teresalee 15-09-2021 196629487 FATHER FIGURE ONLY FANS EXCLUSIVE [total length 8 37] This is a treat Since we’ve gotten a wave of new confidants lately, I want to.mp4
teresalee 18-02-2021 110846349 Stream started at 02 18 2021 03 01 am James Joyce Naughty Letters Live Reading.mp4
teresalee 18-10-2021 212670710 October November December Tarot Video Length 17 29 If you want a private tarot or pendulum reading, tip $5 in my messages or on.mp4
teresalee 20-08-2021 186515551 Twerking Tweets August Edition Unlock for 2 full twerk tweet videos xx start ur weekend off with some jokes and butts PUBLISH DATE .mp4
teresalee 21-04-2021 137267441 Another Zack Snyder Cut turned into a commercial I think this might be my favorite. For the record, I have changed absolutely nothi.mp4
teresalee 21-06-2021 160262804 I made a lil video to announce the new changes to this site. Hope you dig it. Comment here if you have series you love or want to s.mp4
teresalee 21-09-2021 200514743 Comedy is 50 writing 25 performing and 150 shameless self promotionБ─╕ Share ur lil hearts out, get the word out we got 7 days .mp4
teresalee 22-09-2021 201024146 Le Cook Making a Yogurt Parfait Dressed as A French Maid NEW VIDEO 9.22.21 i make a yogurt parfait dressed.mp4
teresalee 22-12-2020 85368136 TRUST YOURSELF I wrote this as a follow up to my essay responding to the 2016 election on Cracked (RIP). NY Times did not respond to.mp4
teresalee 24-06-2021 161541362 REJECTED JOKES This is off brand bit for me but I wrote it anyways so u get to see it..mp4
teresalee 24-06-2021 161546662 FREE POST July Tarot Reading You’re going to get COIN But first you have to Let Go… Here’s your forecast for the month, .mp4
teresalee 25-08-2021 188655018 Why Bisexuals are bad at math. (though if you know, then you know bad and good are only relative bb ; )) #bisexual #lgbtq #math #jo.mp4
teresalee 25-12-2020 2982559 .mp4
teresalee 28-07-2021 175933669 New joke IБ─≥m working on. Content warning blowjobs dicks women talking..mp4
teresalee 28-08-2021 188656516 My thoughts when I bomb. Catch me at Philly Punchline on 9 1 headlining LIVE. Get vaccinated please. Be safe. Stay home if you’re f.mp4
teresalee 29-06-2021 163471468 Nothing breaks like a heart П÷▓■ #notajoke.mp4
teresalee 29-08-2021 190318669 got a new therapist. comedy IS a disease. #jokes #tiktok #documentary #highlights.mp4